Artist Edition
Samples, Styles & Loops
for KORG PA-5X




We have redesigned our newest sound pack for the Korg flagship keyboard, Korg PA-5X, and taken the absolutely best of the best from our sound libraries and named it Artist Edition. Here you will find the best of Karma Pack Platinum Edition and Rhodium sounds plus a huge selection of new sounds that many users have asked for. New instruments such as orchestral sounds, even more realistic strings, totally new drum sounds, percussion sounds, new sax, brass, trumpets, new designed rock guitars, synth leads and pads, fx sounds, and much more. All the old styles have been reedited and remixed to use the power of Korg PA-5X´s new fx, finalizer, limiter and compressor for best results, more slice loops, more styles, more of everything that makes your performance sounding like never before. With this pack we are opening a new chapter for keyboard players and entertainers around the world.